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A communal party drink mixed in a big plastic tub with ice, consisting of a fifth of everclear, a fifth of vodka, a case of beer, 6 Sparks tallboy energy drinks, 3 cans of frozen lemonade concentrate, and optionally four cans of Red Bull. Scaled up as necessary.

Also refers to a Memphis-style party where slamboozie is served, featuring women dancing wildly or bellowing Beyoncé songs at top volume in its later stages, finishing the night with a fast food run.
1) After the slamboozie, Jessica dropped the key on the way to the car, and used her cellphone flashlight to find it.

2) After passing the Bar, Cristina invited her BFFs to a slamboozie.

3) "Yo, girl, back away from the slamboozie, you don't want to end up a vodka whore!".
by hmakav July 02, 2009
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