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The act of, or state of being a slacker. Describes the attitude typically associated with being a slacker.

Most appropriately applies to one with no responsibilities, one that gets by pretending to be hard at work, or the co-worker that is found hanging out near the coffee machine for most of the day.
I just can't tolerate that guy's slackitude! If I were his manager, I'd sack him, no doubt.
by Sohail Mirza August 12, 2006
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Short for slacker attitude, or the general demeanor of an person with a lackadaisical and ineffectual 'devil-may-care' approach to life as a whole, which may prevent the individual from realizing his full potential. See Richard Linklater.
The singer's slackitude was threatening the future of the band, as a consequence of his chronic propensity to skip practices and show up late for gigs, coupled with his general lack of motivation to write new songs and shoot videos.
by ccaustic July 04, 2007
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When slackers give you attitude because they actually have to do some work
they ask you for information, then when you give it to them, act put out because they have to write something down and give you slackitude
by actionmoviefreak September 14, 2011
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