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'Skypixie' is a word which is meant by the user to refer to the belief by others in a higher being i.e. God, in a demeaning a term as possible, comparing this to other, more frivolous delusions and conceits.

I, personally, have no time for religion of any sort, but respect the rights of others to do so and take from it whatever they wish. The word is used by people whose self-regard is such that their utter disdain for the beliefs of others marks them out as cunts of the first order.
You actually think there is any point in pray to your skypixie?!
by Hankinshaw August 04, 2005
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SkyPixie: a term used by fourteen-year-old atheists who want to troll religious discussions
Look at those losers on their knees gibbering away to their skypixie.
by chunkychips March 01, 2012
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