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Skwindow is short for 'Skiving Window', a very small web browser window used tactically in open plan offices to surreptitiously browse non-work related websites.

Skwindows should be a third to a quarter of the height of your usual web browser window, making the content much harder to spot from across the room. The more people your screen is visible to, the smaller your skwindow will need to be, especially if you're reading social media feeds (the most obvious culprits for internet skiving during work hours).

The main drawbacks of skwindows are a risk of RSI from nonstop scrolling in such a small space, being unable to see the whole of a photo, and also that the distinctive shape and size of the skwindow as a constant presence becomes a giveaway in itself.
If you make a small enough skwindow, the Facebook title bar completely disappears when you scroll down. Good to know.

Jill's manager must be lurking nearby, because her skwindow is literally only the height of one tweet right now!
by halfahorse December 16, 2013
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