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Noise made when driving a car (drifting/turning hard) and wheels screeching. Also slang used a lot in rap to move away/get away from somebody
example 1: did you see me in drift on that road?! i was like skrrt boi!!!
example 2: y'all see me pullin up in my whip skrrt skrrt!!!!!
example 3: when i see that thottie michelle I'm like skrrt!
by Jamil.D December 15, 2015

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A girl, normally, who is a basic bitch. She would probably be very provocative, promiscuous, wear the basic addidas clothing with nike cap and would overuse snapchat filters (mainly the flower crown and dog filter). The opposite of qwengers is pengers.
Example 1: 'Dat gyal isn't badders - she's qwengers! She gave my man uck for a benz in Tesco parking lot!'
Example 2: (Dad to his daughter) 'Please stop dressing like that darling. All the boys will think you are qwengers.'
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by Jamil.D May 18, 2016

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