To smoke some of the dank.
Dude 1: Hey man, want to skrill after school?

Dude 2: Is it that dank shit you bought Tuesday?!

Dude 1: Fosho

Dude 2: You know it skrilla!
by Labowski- September 17, 2010
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Some cash you scored from dealin' or stealin'.
"Hell yeah, we're gettin' fucked up! I scored some skrilla!"

Originated in Bayshore Gardens, Bradenton, Florida.
by titankillah December 08, 2005
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SKRILLACrystal Meth(Speed) A white or yellowish crystal substance that can be Smoked, Snorted, or Injected. Sometimes called URBAN COCAINE. Often used to stay awake, Has been known to put off sleep for weeks at time. Side Effects include, Paranoia and Hulications.
F@#$ that SKRILLA made me think I was smart.
by [THE SKRILLA KING] November 16, 2006
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Record lable thats straight outta Da D.Y.T. its main artist are Young Money, Coupe da Hitman, Young Quan, Big-J, and super producer DJ Schmo. Skrilla records gonna take da rap game by storm.
Dem bad ass Skrilla boys at it again in da D.Y.T.
by Big-J June 06, 2006
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