A new term for the screamo/emo bands of the 90s, or anythign that is REAL screamo/emo. I'm not sure if the term is supposed to be taken seriously or not, but it's there. Possibly created in revolt of the shitty 'new' emo bands and self-proclaimed 'emo' kids.
Not skramz: Emery, MCR, Saosin etc

Skramz: I Hate Myself, Hot Cross, Raein, Saetia, Orchid etc
by rkjgelk November 10, 2007
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o hai i upgraded ur skramz
by lolu November 4, 2007
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Basically a term for Screamo music in the style of 90's screamo (Saetia, Orchid, etc.). Created due to the negative connotation that Screamo had become associated with. Not a serious term, mostly used lightly.
Peron X: Hey have you heard that band Saetia?

Person Y: No, what music do they play

Person X : Screamo

Persony Y: Ahh, I dont listen to that scene kid shit

Person X: No, its nothing like that.

This is why the word Skramz was created
by EasyBreezyGoozy February 13, 2010
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A reference used to differentiate between 80% of the band tees in Hot Topic, and actual screamo. An offshoot of hardcore punk. The term itself should be taken lightly, but it's helpful to make the distinction. Some elitist douche bags think it's immature and lame, but they just have their panties in a bunch.

DIY as fuck.

Also, the difference between "Enter Shikari" and "Shikari." The latter clearly being better as a band in every regard.
Ugly high school girl: "I love screamo, Underoath is my favorite band EVUHH"


Awesome ass dude: "Jerome's Dream is some bangin skramz"
by Skilly January 24, 2011
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A music genre listened to by neanderthal looking bitch boy asswipes

Everyone: “KYS!!!”
by MonkeWilly May 26, 2022
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