A school bus that has been purchased by a private owner and converted for some purpose other than hauling people around, such as RVing. Can be a very economical, cost-efficient means of obtaining an RV.
I bought an old school bus and turned it into an RV! Now, it is a skoolie!
by mamarley July 14, 2011
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someone you know very well in school but you do not know very well out of it.
"sup skoolie wer u live ill knock for ya tomoz"
by S2 September 24, 2005
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place where skool leavers go when they finish there yr 12 exams and want to go and get shitfaced. often held in queensland and victor harbor in SA. Can often be associated with horny sluts and ugly gangies lookn to cop it from multiple guys at once. Also a haven for 30 + yr old guys tryin to pickup some teen slut to bang rotten

got sloppy seconds ?
queensland or victor harbor is where skoolies is held
by Killa_VN February 3, 2006
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Skooly Jack is a cool, laid back person who is into athleticism and academics. Usually very influential and kind-hearted. Quiet at times but very intelligent and wise.
Skooly Jack usually are people to talk to.
by Skooly Jack December 20, 2016
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The act of getting topped off by a chick.
This broad just gave me Bob Skoolys for a dub if hard.
by Ingenious Assholes March 20, 2019
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