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A socialist of the moderately successfull sort with an average hairdo and typically working class view of life. The working class view is laughable, considering the lack of full-time employment which also defines this person. Furthermore, Skogis is a combination of two swedish words, "skog" (forest) and "is" (ice). You may wonder what the ice is doing in the forest. Absolutely nothing. That is the nature of skogis, just to sit there all soggy and wait for better days.
-Have you heard of that bearded guy who streaked on St. Eriksplan before?
- Yes, he ran into a bush didn't he? That was totally Skogis' idea. I heard Skogis was there.
- Probably, naked men also tickle his fancy, not just being a socialist.
by Sventheempwnz0r January 16, 2008
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