a party where a bunch of teenagers or young adults get together with a lot of random pills.usually taken from parents medicine cabinets.
they put them all into a pile and every one takes a few. you dont know exactly what you take.
hey! since there is nothing to do tonight..lets all raid our medicine cabinets and have a skittles party!!
we will get messed up!
by Hayley2729 April 26, 2008
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Multi colored and flavored candy that is delicious. Also, a name for a specific type of Bukake Party where a woman or man gets ejaculated on by every race of man.
"Wow! Did you see how she/he tasted the rainbow at that skittles party?"
by Sean Day Lou Swahili Swag September 01, 2016
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where you dump a mass amount of pills into a bowl at a party and eat them like skittles.
1-want to come to my skittle party?
2-sure, i'm already still fucked up from the last one.
1-be sure to bring pills!
2-don't worry, my mom has a lot of problems, which equals a lot of pills.
0-sweet man. see you there.
by K4!t7yn February 10, 2008
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When you dump a bunch of skittles in a bathtub and jump in and bury your body in the skittles while eating them
I was going to take a shower last night but Dad thought it was a good idea to have a Skittles Party and he hasn't went to bed since
by Swampy Ogres March 02, 2019
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A party (most likely at a fraternity house) where a girl is in each room and they have a different color lipstick on. Then a bunch of guys go into the rooms and get oral sex performed on them and when the men are done at the end of the night they can see how many blow jobs they have received by looking at the different colors of lipstick on their penis
Dude I went to a skittles party the other night and my dick looked like the color of the rainbow.
by EOE just for me July 05, 2010
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