Describes an animal that is both emaciated and very small, e.g. an abandoned newborn.
That seal pup is skinny mini!
by gt82 September 04, 2018
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1. To be the skinniest person in your friend group
2. A friendly greeting
1. I saw my friends and said, "Hey skinny minis!"
2. My mother told me that I am a Skinny Mini
by The Thinnest One April 03, 2019
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The realest chick I've ever met. Will tell ya how it is, even if the truth is going to hurt. A real ride or die..crazy as fuk, but has got the best head game in town. Loyal to the realest niggas around. Agg-Town ..raised...
Yo its Skinni 2 the mini, hey dont piss her off dude she is a fire cracker. Pop off at any moment.
by Skinny2theMINI March 09, 2020
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