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African Bum Disease.

No Racisism intended here, but if you went to Sketty School, Or read the Sketty School Dictionary , Skillish Was Defined As The Medical Term For African Bum Disease.


Graduates of Sketty School, Whilst Not Seeming To Know Much Else ( Kidding ! ;-), For Some Reason All Seem To Be Familiar With The Term Skillish.
Person 1. Wow, Did I Do That? Gee, I'm So Skillish!
Person 2. Ah Ha, He's Got African Bum Disease!

Skilish is NOT A Good Thing!
by Ace McDughf March 01, 2005
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A word used to describe or compliment a person or particular object that may have or has used a skill in an extremely skillful way.
Person A: "Wow, holding 10 tongs on your left hand all at once is pretty SKILLISH!"
Person B: "Thanks."
by B!G T!M October 31, 2008
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