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can be added to the end of ANY word for surfer/mellow effect. oh and you have to say it with a smile cuz its jus kokes.
hey broskie!
pass the ballskie
ohhhhh that guy just shattered his thumbskie
by eh JJ! February 18, 2009
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used as a loving middle name for your dog or cat. Can be used by itself to express affection for your pet. Example: hi skie, how's my skie doin' (prononced ski)
My first dog was Odie, When I called her I would say Odie skieeeee. Or my cat Ching Skie or my current dog Baron Skie,Mr. skie or just skie.

by Kasey1960 October 17, 2007
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Skie is a girl.very talented,pretty,and knows how to have fun BUT DONT get on her bad side. Behind that petty face is a beast.people do envy Skie’s but they don’t really care because they know what they are.Skies are very caring most are mean but once u get to know them they are very nice.skies don’t really like boys doesn’t really care about a boyfriend!! Most Skies get along with more boys then girls just because girls are more complicated.Just know that skies are nice but don’t get on their bad side and most important DONT BE FAKE
Girl:Skie is so mean to me I just made one mistake

Skie other friends: YOU SHOULD’NT HAVE BEEN FAKE!!
by Imsick3465 October 10, 2018
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