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There are several kids of ski girls because there are many different types of skiing.

1. Race ski girl- a very smart girl that would never be caught doing anything wrong. She will be both a kiss virgin and a real virgin until she is 20 at least. She also looks like a Jerry on the ski hill because she usually can ski pretty fast but couldn't do a 360 ever. Her best trick is back talking freestyle kids.

2. Big mountain ski girl- a girl who did very well in elementary school but began to experience trouble once she got into junior high. She is generally very attractive and loves skiing the whole mountain but she usually show aversion to race courses and the park. She is also very likely to be willing to make out in the trees and possible let you touch her. She is pretty into parties and will drink but isn't really into drugs. Her best trick is probably a 540 mute grab.

3. Freestyle ski girl- this girl is the craziest girl you'll ever meet. She is crazy she will have sex with any guy she meets he can often be spotted making out with a guy on the chair lift. She loves drugs and alcohol. you can usually find her at parties she will hang out with a lot of big mountain girls and they will all likely have a guy with them. you would never find her talking to a race girl. her best trick will probably be a backflip or a front flip.
1. OMG. Look at that ski racer girl over there talking to her parents complaining about her perfect life.

2. Damn look at that Big mountain ski girl she is hot af
3. I just banged a freestyle ski girl last night it was the best
by Big Mountain ski girl July 03, 2017
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