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1. to run away quickly or fleeing after skeeting on someones face, preferably on someone you have just meet.

2. having sex quickly due to lack of time.

3. rubbing one out right before one has to go somewhere.
1. Here is a towel for your face, got to skeetdaddle!

2. Girl: No! I can't I have to go to work

Guy: Come on, I'll skeetdaddle!

3. Ugh looks like i have to be at work sooner then i thought. Better skeetdaddle while drive down
by YoungJizzy November 12, 2010
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A more refined term for hit it and quit it, such as skeeting on girl then leaving immediately.
Yeah, I had sex with her but i had to Skeetdaddle!

She was a Bitch so i just skeetdaddled!
by BSNIGHTHAWK August 18, 2008
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