A wannabe gang girl who isnt a gangsta but is a skank, a skank who wants to be in a group.
Skanksta: I pashed 5 guys last night but I hug out with my black fellas too
by Angie Lo April 23, 2007
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someone or somethin that is skank and gangsta
that girl was bein a skank up in the club with those pimps
by chelsea December 08, 2004
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A woman that is a skank; a woman who gives guys head in a jeep with no doors.
by Jenny March 15, 2003
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A skanksta refers to a sexually promisicous female who engages in sexual activity with a large amount of people. All skanksta's provide their services pro bono, but the more affluent skankta's may demand a fee that typically includes a 12.5 oz bottle of Everclear, a bowl of crack, and some Newports. There's no need to clap when a skanksta behaves the right way-chances are she already has it.

Dude 1: "Did you see Stephanie at the party? She was cakin cakin it."
Dude 2: "Bra Bra, that's nasty. Stephanies a skanksta!"


Chick: "Oh no she din't! I did not jus' catch that trifiling trifiling ass skanksta in the sheets with mah baby daddy."
by Perks from Merks April 27, 2011
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A person of female persuasion, possessing more time than not a rotund figure, that spends an inordinate amount of time primping their public appearance to further the success of their daily activities. Daily activities include but are not limited to: having sloppy sex with gangstas; breast feeding their children in the middle of late night parties; beating up other skankstas; using narcotics while taking children for walks. Skankstas have a zest for life that rivals all other members of society living on public assistance.
Let's stop at the convenient store, I need some dong bags so I can knock boots with my skanksta.

My skansta rolls the tightest spliffs.

Did you see that skansta Tiger was bangin'? Lucky.
by The Real Goo March 01, 2010
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