1. An epidemic that used to only inflict females between the ages of 18 and 35, but now reaches females of all ages. It’s a disease that infects woman who are oftentimes perfectly normal the rest of the day.

2. Daytime, the woman is as conservative a dresser as you will ever meet. But when nightime rolls around, she have this overwhelming urge to mimic Paris Hilton.
Halloween Skankitis:

COLLEGE GIRL: “I can’t explain it. On October 30th, I wear jeans and a sweater. The next day, I dress like a naughty nurse or maid. On November 1st, I wear jeans and a sweater again.”
MOM: “Me too! Something just comes over me when the calendar says October 31st"
by Halloween-Skankitis April 29, 2009
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1. It’s a disease that infects woman who often dress conservative and act perfectly normal during the day. When infected, they choose to dress more provacative. They always act a bit more naughty then usual during a night out with girls.

2. A sexy, naughty, bitchy version of the girl next door that typically comes out at night to play.
"We got that skankitis! And we don't take no vaccines, we just take shots!"
by Juice* January 29, 2009
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Early signs of yet undiagnosed venereal disease, usually acquired from sleeping with loose women.
"Fuckballs, bro! I slept with Janelle last night and my balls itch like a muhfukka. Shoot, bitch gave me a mean case of skankitis."
by rachel2007 November 29, 2007
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Describing a person, place, or thing with a skanky nature.
I don't go to poetry nights at the Jazz Club, way too skankity.
by Dezrespect April 30, 2007
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One who is not just a skank, or a slut but a combination of the two, usually a female who enjoys her promiscuity and 'assets' and uses them to her advantage.
"You know the girl with the huge knockers?" "Ergh, she's such a skankity slut-slut".

"Hey everybody, it's skankity slut-slut!"
"My name's Mai Valentine."
"That's what I said, skankity slut-slut." -Tea, Mai. Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series
by Unsinkable K. September 13, 2007
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