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Anyone,usually female,who is typically carrying one or more sexually transmitted diseases while openly initiating and encouraging penetration.
2.-a walking cum dupster,(see cum dumster)who poorly conceals her
HIV slingin' attitude.
"Hey man,why you scratchin' up on you're junk all silly?"

"Cause your skank ass ho of a sister gave me a rash....I feel really sick man,I'm not kidding.I might have the HIV.She fucks everybody."
by Stefin D. October 15, 2007
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Females who may be decent looking in the face and body but are very sluttish and nasty looking and usually look and/or dress very stank.
I don't want none of them skank ass ho's. I want some dime brizzles.
by bligadon August 04, 2006
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Promiscuous female in slutty outfits that will fuck any man with a pulse.
Easily identified by an excess amount of further devaluating ink, beneath her skin (see: Tramp Stamp)
Usually in denial about her own trashyness, seeing herself as a quality female with style and class.
"Hey Bro, beware of that trashy looking girl flirting with every badboy in the club"

"I know man, that's Tracy. That ink desecrated slut is a notorious skank-ass-ho"
by The Real Gentleman December 09, 2014
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One that not only possesses the qualities of a skank but also the qualities of an ass and a ho. A triple threat if you will.
You be a skankassho. No one likes you.
by CN2 May 16, 2005
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