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When your forced to take a bath in the kitchen sink.
Let's go man were gettin fucked yo tonight!!
Yea dude, gotta take a sink bath then I'll be there!
by Deennicoke July 24, 2015
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A sink bath is where you run the faucet and go to town with your "unmentionables" via a wet paper towel to get your hygiene up to date; preferably not in the company of strangers. However most "sink baths" are in public and either spur of the moment due to circumstance (understandable) or a last result of a rock bottom situation you found yourself in. Either way you deserve to be walked in on and made a sign about.
There were no other options in my immediate surroundings to remedy my savage body odor. Alas a public restroom was made available and I took a sink bath to ensure I was fresh for the rest of the night.
by vividintent December 05, 2017
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