Smile. I. Love. You.
by BTMIII November 14, 2015
Your repost it cool. SILI
by booyakid January 13, 2015
damon thought he was sili, but really hes annoying
by numberonewinner1 December 23, 2008
Scientifically Illiterate Liberal Ideologue.
"Don't try to reason with a SILI, they will just scream and cry and call you any buzzword they can think of."
by onlyanonlooker January 28, 2021
Acronym which stands for Service Industry Law of Inverse Simping.

Coined by Louis Rossmann, a popular YouTuber and MacBook repairman inside of a taco shop in August 2022, the law posits that since more attractive waitresses generally get paid more in tips from thirsty men, it is society’s duty to tip less attractive waitresses more in order to compensate.
Hey Jim, you should tip that fat, ugly waitress more…SILIS says it’s the right thing to do!
by PeteZhou74 January 8, 2023
Pronounced Si-lee. What you say to siri indicating that she is stupid and seeing if she responds, most of the time she does and ussumes you did say her name. However, if you proceed to actually say her name she wont give bother responding because she thinks you are her mum asking her to get off the internet and she no longer bothers to explain to her mother that thats impossible.
Some guy: Hey sili!
Siri: Uh huh,
Some guy: *trollface*
by us3r 14 July 13, 2022