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SWI ~ An expression used to describe an individual that is "too la'git to quit"! Someone you like to be around, someone you already are now, someone you would like to emulate. Your BFF is sik wid it! Your favorite teacher or counselor is definately sik wid it. A positive influence like a mentor or role model who has characteristics you admire is sik wid it. The tree hugg'in environmentalists are sik wid it. The HUMANITARIANS of the world like the late great Princess Di' and Mother Theresa are notably sik wid it individuals due to the fact that they give a fuck about the homeless, sick, poor, and mentally ill. Philanthropist are sik with it. Rather than THROWING AWAY hundreds of thousands of $$$ on a Goddy Sweet Sixteen Party for their spoiled brat - they might generously donate that $$$ to open a club-house or boxing ring for inner city kids for example. Now thats sik wid it! Artists, actors, poets, musicians, dancers, writers, or any person who has even the slightest bit of creativity, whatever the medium, is sik wid it. And any individual who is on a spiritual quest is sik wid it. People are composed of MIND, BODY, & SOUL. Those on their spiritual quest are sik wid it. They may be members of an organized religion or simply search their local library or book stores for books on metaphysics or spirituality.
Nina: "Meilani: One's goal in life ought to be to become an individual who is sik wid it! Here's a list of my top 5 SWI faves:"

1.)Embark on one's spiritual journey
2.)Become a good parent/guardian
3.)Be the best BFF you can be
4.)HUMANITARIAN-help homeless, poor, sick
5.)Environmentalist-help save the planet

Meilani: "Ninaaaa...THAT'S LA'GIT!"
by The Anrkissed November 29, 2008
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