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The Teachings of the Rosicrucians
of the 16th and 17th Centuries
A Simple ABC Booklet
For Young Students
Practising Daily in the School of the Holy Ghost
Made clear to the eyes by pictorial figures
For the Exercises of the New Year
In the
Natural and Theological Light
by a Brother of the Fraternity {Christi of the Rosy-Cross} P.F.
For the first time made public
with several figures of similar content added by P.S.
Printed and Published by Joh. Ad. Eckhardt, Book-Printer to H.M. the King of Denmark.

The Almighty, Alone-Wise, and Omniscient GOD and LORD hath given understanding to Man, above all other creatures, so that he may know his works and not leave them unexplored. Now since this Man, whom the All-wise GOD hath inspired thereto, hath this high and profound secret Work and the great secret of the ancient Water-Stone of the....
sigillum hermetis

Wise, he must needs prove himself aright. If ever there is a natural thing on earth, it is the Preparation and the Magisterium of the Philosopher's Stone, natural and not of man's making, but wholly the work of Nature, for the Artist addeth nothing thereto. Nature alone directeth the growing, as doth every tiller of the soil with his fruits and plants; only he must be subtle in mind and have the grace of GOD, so that he may direct the same as the work becomes evident in the boiling and through successive time: namely, in the beginning there is the Subjectum, which one doth receive from Nature directly into the hand. Therein lieth hidden the Universal Tincture of all metals, animals, and plants. It is a rough Corpus, having neither the figure nor form of an animal or plant, but is in the beginning a rough, earthy, heavy, viscous, tough and nebulous substance on which Nature hath stopped: but when the enlightened man openeth these matters, investigateth them in Digestion, and with its thick foggy shadows with which it is surrounded, he purifieth and permitteth the hidden to emerge, and through further Sublimation its innermost soul, which is hidden therein, is also separated from it and brought into a bodily form.
by Deus autem et Natura, nihil fa February 09, 2010
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