A man that is not your boyfriend, but whom you call frequently to come over and engage in sexual intercourse because he has a nice ass and you know he's willing to spread it for you. Closely related to side piece but less formal of a relationship.
"I'm too tired for sex today, babe. Go and call one of your side ho's. But just remember, I'm the main event."
by Dmoneypazaaz May 03, 2016
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A ho that fucks / sucks your balls dry while knowing that you're in a committed relationship
Dude, if your so unhappy with your girlfriend why don't you get yourself a side ho?
by Bdeezy22585 March 06, 2016
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a girl from oceanside who has no life, goes with every guy and is not the best looking girl and not the cleanist girls
sam devine: hey alex, jess wanna be whores for halloween
alex: i thought we were supposed to be sumthing diffrent then what we are evryday
jess: i smell like a horses but

random guy: danm those must be some ho-side hoe
by josh hartmen November 01, 2007
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Failing to inform the subject of a conversation adverse things that were said behind their back.
She picked up bits and pieces of my conversation and ran with it to my stepson and his father didn't let me know til weeks later. Ho siding with a bitch I thought was my friend.
by Salukigirl April 05, 2018
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