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A genus of spider that occurs in Africa, in the southern hemisphere. With six eye arranged in groups of two (diads), lend to the name "six-eyed sand spider" also known as crab spiders in South Africa. What are called crab spiders in the USA are actually of the family Thomisidae, Sicarius on the other hand is more closely related to the genus Loxoceles than Thomisidae.
Sicarius spiders are found in sandy deserts and hunt by burrying themselves in the sand and lying in wait for prey. For this reason they are rarely encountered by humans, which is good considering the venom is the most potent spider venom in the world, even more than the Phoneutria (wandering spiders) or Atrax robusta (sydney funnel web. The effects are similar to bites of L.reclusa,due to very similar chemical properties, but FAR more potent. They are reluctant to bite, but should never be handled.
Joe: "This sicarius just bit me, because I was messing with it, and I think I may be dying"
Bill: "I'm very certain you are Joe, can I have your Abba records?"
by Juraki October 31, 2006
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1. Sicarius is the Latin word for "dagger"- a short double edged blade.

2. An African spider, venomous.

3. A charachter from the table-top game Warhammer 40k. He is the Captain of the Ultramarines 2nd company, Master of the Watch.
1. "Dude! did you see that weapon that looks lika a dagger, I think it's called Sicaruis"
"Sicarius means dagger, idiot!"

2. "Dude, that Sicarius spider thing seems really nasty"
"Yes it's a venomus spider, idiot"

3. "Dude, You should have seen my last 40k game, I totally wiped out my opponents army, mostly thanks to Sicarius"
"You faced a 9-year-old with a crappy IG army list, of cours you won, idiot!"
by Mounted Footman June 18, 2008
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A monstrous being with an obsession for flags and things that go "boom!" Anything that startles him is at high risk for a swift donkey punch, awakening only to find themselves trapped in a box en route to Abudabi.
(Can be seen on weekends playing hide-and-seek with Sasquatch and the LockNess Monster)
Sasquatch: "Where is that damn sicarius?"
"Ow, my head!"
"At least that damn sicarius was nice enough to knock me out first."
by sicarius February 07, 2005
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