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Attack that; an order you might give a dog so that they will growl, snarl and perhaps bite at the target.
(doorbell rings. you find door-to-door soliciter asking you for money. you thank them kindly and say 'no thanks'. they insist and persist). Turn around and say to Fido "SIC 'EM!"
by b2 March 01, 2005
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Order for a dog. Usually to attack at something, or just to growl at it. Commonly used by demons in Supernatural to give orders to Hell hounds.
Lilith: "Sic'em, boy." -- Supernatural, No rest for the wicked.
by Hunterus Villainus July 03, 2014
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Official cheer slogan for Baylor University (the best school)

1. Used during football games when the opposing team has the ball (formal)
2. Used liberally around campus, pep rallys, and in support of other athletic events
3. Can be used as a salute to alumni and other students.
Always accompanied with the swiping bear claw gesture.
"Ayyyyyyyyyyy sic em' bears!" -BU students
"Rip em up, tear em up, sic em BU."
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by PrincessLeah4Life November 01, 2017
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