A mrod uttered at the end of an arguement by the loser of the arguement.
Apollo is a god not a titan.
by Odin February 01, 2004
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1. A rude way of telling someone to be quiet

2. A way of sayin that you have lost the argument but you are to afraid to admit it

Shut up larry


You- you are such a cunt
Me- well at least i know what a cunt looks like

You- shut up
by Henry832 February 23, 2016
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To tell the person sitting next to you not to speak to you in a convincing way.
Person 1: "Hey dude you over there."

Person 2: "yeah"
Person 1: "Shut Up"
by Jwally 35 July 30, 2009
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Main term is to cease talking. Other is a saying people (mainly girls) will say when in disbelief.
1: "Shut up and stop talking you freak!"
2: "You met Sean De Paul in Indy? SHUT up!!"
by Shina August 30, 2006
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To STFU and not to be childish asf and say "shut dont go up" cuz if i hear yo ahh say dat shii you can happily catch this fade cuz thats lame and childish asf so stop plz and thank u
Shut up Kamariya!!! Goddamn dont know when to hush.
by FMOIG@nijah.you.stupid July 01, 2018
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what to say if a conversation has gone quiet and it's getting really awkward. also works with lol and cool.
So tanya still wants to get pregnant?



by jack russell terrier lover April 04, 2011
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