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Shitty degenerates who mostly strive to attack people, usually a big group of shitty friends but they're now expanding their awful, awful pack.
They originate from G+, and aren't as special anymore.
Jesse: Aren't you glad that James of the shroomboy's got suspended? If only it was permanent..
Hannah: Yeah, he's pretty gay, dude. He doesn't deserve the respect he gets.
by KONC January 07, 2018
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A cultlike group of the biggest retards on Google+. Identifiable by the mushroom hat on their profile pictures, as well as having a hivemind due to their inability to think for themselves. They think they're hot shit because they're popular memers, but instead are just shitlords who are the G+ equivalent to Team 10.

Their common behaviors consist of, but aren't limited to:
-Having inflated egos
-Being e-psychopaths
-Having a borderline fascist agenda
-Spamming "FATASS" whenever someone disagrees with them (or even mentions them)
-Having 2005 4chan tier raiding skills
-Leaking nudes of underage girls
-Spreading false rumors and fabricating evidence about someone being a pedophile
-Stealing copyrighted material to make shitty memes
-Threatening assualt on a pregnant woman to make her miscarry
-Insulting an unborn child
-Grasping at straws
-Having no life
-Living in their parents' basement
-Being all around scum in general
-Starting drama and attacking people in order to bring some form of sick entertainment and fulfillment to their meaningless lives
-Using Tumblr tier echo chamber methods
"I have a dream, a dream where there is a world where Shroomboys no longer exist"

--Martin Luther King Jr.
by Balder Ensamvarg June 01, 2018
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People who witchhunt/attack people for attention.
Also know as the Team 10 of Google.
Shroomboys usually a mushroom at the top of their profile picture.
James:Ew, did you see that shroomboy on Twitter?
Fred:Yeah, he was such a dick.
by Callthefeds January 07, 2018
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A member of a shitty cult on Google+. The group consists of 11 years olds who have nothing else better to do in their lives than harass other people. Contradicting the popular belief, the shroomboys have been around for longer than a few days. The only reason they were noticed because they decided they wanted to be professional assholes in 2018.
Carl: Is he a shroomboy?
Ryan: Yeah, look at his profile picture. He has that red mushroom hat on.
by A Frying Pan January 08, 2018
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Stupid degenerate faggots that think raiding people is an intelligent approach to people they dont like, or just people who post content they dont like. Because whats a smarter reaction to people who post content that appeals to the lowest common denominator? Blocking? Of course not, that wouldnt be the shroomboy way- obviously planning organized raids and making jokes at others expense is the better way to go
Jones: Why does it smell like hot dog water all of a sudden?
Adam: A shroomboy mustve passed us by
Shroomboy: FATASS
by Shroomfucker January 08, 2018
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An insult that is synonymous with soyboy, virgin, incel, nolifer, basement dweller, etc

To be referred to as a "shroomboy" is to be implied as one or all of these synonyms. It also implies that the jizz sock you use has literal mushrooms growing on it, and perhaps even on yourself, because of how much of a disgusting individual you are.
Riley: Bruh, what's a shroomboy?
Huey: Scummy, fungus ass mufuckas that even 4chan anon niggas don't fuck with.
by Balder Ensamvarg July 03, 2018
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Just a fucking group of people on google plus that people witch hunt and attack for no reason whatsoever.
Person 1: Hey did you see that cunt attack that guy because of a png on their profile picture ?
Person 2, also stupid: they deserved it, they were a shroomboy
by That Random Blue Fazbear. January 13, 2018
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