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A shrimpbag is annoying child or very callow adult.. It's typically used in a sentence to describe someone who is annoying, short, and possibly "chubby" .... Little siblings will get annoyed and for those people who are known for a clean vocabulary ... This is the word of choice my friend.
Mother: Timmy you little SHRIMPBAG! You didn't do the dishes.... Whhhyyy?

Timmy: Wha...Why did you call me a SHRIMPBAG?

Mother: Don't back talk me!! ... Go to your room , you're grounded and I will call you a shrimpbag whenever I WANT TOO! .... SHRIMPBAG , SHRIMPBAG , SHRIMPBAG!!

Timmy: ** Hides in room for the rest of the day ** .... Mother why have you done this to me.. ** talks in deep voice with puberty cracks**
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by cactuscutie432 September 20, 2016
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