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A group of young men who ball out everyday and make funny memes
Damn Serd from Shrewcrew has a big cock
by Turdmasterturd June 07, 2018
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Shrewcrew is a group of boys who hangout in the small suberb outside of St. Louis, called Shrewsbury. It’s a banger town with one top-of-the-foodchain squad, the Shrewcrew. These boys began their journey in elementary school but really came together in middle and high school.

In October of 2016 a Youtube account under the name Shrewcrew was made to document the adventures of the famous boys of Shrewcrew. The account is still thriving today, however where the Shrewcrew has really stepped up their internet fame game is on Instagram. Just last November they made an account, @shrewcrew_ , where they post daily updates, memes and hilarious videos of the shenanigans they get into.

Most everyone is the St. Louis area knows of the Shrewcrew and enjoys their exciting social media accounts.
“Hey there’s the Shrewcrew now! I must get a bite of their big juicy cocks!”
“Why don’t you just dm them on Instagram on their account, @shrewcrew_”
by SCboys May 05, 2018
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A baller squad that resides in Shrewsbury MO and gets lit every fuckin night.
“Hey there’s a Shrewcrew party at Bogger’s house tonight!”

“They throw a rager every night you fuckin poonchop.”
“Ya but this time Big Boy Finn is whippin his tits out.”
“Oh man! That’s gonna be an automatic nut!”
by SCboys June 14, 2018
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