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A form of ediquette used by snowboarders and skiers on the mountian that know how to shred politely around the weekend renter crowd.
Snowboarder A-Doode, that old asian guy made me go yadsale at the bottom of that kicker cause he was chillin on the flat.
Snowboarder B- Why didn't you just take him down too?
Snowboarder A- Nah man that ain't me. Just cause he doesn't know whats going on up here doesn't mean i should throw shrediquette out the window.
Snowboarder B- Good point bro.
Snowboarder A- If it was Daniel Tosh I would of knocked his ass out then taken all his gear and money and then burried him in the snow naked.
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Using proper etiquette when disposing of itmes into the shred bin.
Kwaku: Who put this plastic baggy in the shred bin.
Brandon: I did. Whats it to you?
Kwaku: Man you need a major lesson in shrediquette!
by B to the H February 09, 2008
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