to shred the gnar originated in the early days of skateboarding. gnar shredding has become popular for many 'extreme sports' including skiing and snowboarding.

dude, lets go shred the gnar !
bro, i cant.
last gnar session i tweaked my dome.
by mrks August 18, 2007
A snowboarding and surfing term. Extreme riding
hey man, theres some sick fresh powder out... in so stoked to go shred the gnar!
by a snowboarder July 27, 2011
contrary to other people's thoughts, shred the gnar means snowboarding, not fitting surroundings
person a: hey man you wanna shred the gnar?
person b: hell yeah brah i just got a new shred sled.
person a: sick nasty.
by B-HamBlamJam August 23, 2009
to snowboard to one's fullest potetial on difficult or challenging terrain.
"cant belive i made it down alive!!!!"

"yea man, you were shredding the gnar!!!"

"yea i did shred the gnar"
by cp-dawg November 12, 2009
used to describe something in action sports that was either totally wicked or a bad crash.
"oh man i totally shred the gnar on that crash", "you were definately shreddin the gnar on 3"
by pat{tada September 10, 2006
done primarily around brunch time. refers to awesome skills associated with snowboarding and/or the special dance and the randomness of the evening.
"guys, lets go shred the gnar at brunch!"
by Pink House September 2, 2006
Doing sick tricks on a surf board/skateboard/snowboard/scooter/sled and or roller skates
Me: dude what should we do with this bodacious afternoon?!
Jeremy: shredding the gnar, of course!
by Kinkykankles January 24, 2016