An idea, thought, or concept that first comes to you when you are taking your morning shower or doing some other part of your morning routine.
Often an epiphany
Often sudden
Often marked by the inability to recall later
"This morning I had a showerthought! I figured out the Flux Capacitor!"
by Kageka January 30, 2009
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A place where everyone's deepest most peculiar observations about humanity can be witnessed firsthand, if you have enough karma that is, otherwise your shower thoughts can stay in the shower.
Person 1: Think of all the shower thoughts that were never shared because of karma restrictions.
Person 2: It causes me pain thinking about it.
Person 1: Now that's a SHOWER THOUGHT

Albert Einstein *Shares major shower thought on physics"
Showerthoughts Mod: Not enough Karma

Albert Einstein *cries in general relativity*
by twitterandreddituser October 17, 2021
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