The shortlist is the set of job applicants that have passed the initial resume review process.

If you have been shortlisted, you (or simply your resume) will be submitted to the following step in the candidate selection process which is likely a personal/phone interview, a test, or further review by one or more staff with greater seniority.

Getting shortlisted is a good thing.
I got shortlisted by Thingamabob Widgets!
by Frank H. January 24, 2008
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shortlisted (v) — a term used to try to convince unwitting job applicants they're not being duped into subservient working conditions.
Congratulations! You have been shortlisted as a finalist for our job opening. We don't give a shit about anything except increasing our bottom line and think a superficial step in the interview process will make you more invested in our substandard offer. We'll gauge how likely you are to accept the position based on your enthusiasm. If you sound very eager, we may even lower the salary we planned to offer you!
by noiseboise January 17, 2019
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