the act of spilling your love juices. can be imitated by the use of the shake-weight
Chi Chen I love it when you shoot shoot all over my face. I like the saltiness and mountain dew residue
by suckysucky5dollar December 14, 2010
A term used among friends or acquaintances when when discussing a risky activity. It’s purpose is to encourage individuals to reach their full potential regardless of the consequences. In other words, to embody a full send mentally in all their undertakings.
Jason: should I send this?

Andrew: shoot or shoot.
by KsigRulez February 7, 2018
Its what you say when somenthing that annoys you, it means you put you hand (or grab) a pistol and shoot shoot shoot (its more of a joke)
For exaple your brother broke your phone say je put e mana la pistola and shoot shoot shoot instead of a curse word
by Măta mare June 2, 2020
When youre in a threesome and you pull out of one girl and go into the other.
Bro I pulled the shoot look shoot last night.
by PMG and Top and IOC March 2, 2018