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1. A term used in the game of Hearts when you attempt to collect every Heart, the Queen of Spades, and sometimes the Jack as well. Normally pulled off when you've been dealt a bunch of high cards or nearly an entire suite, or your opponents are frickin' retarded.

2. To attempt the near-impossible.

2. 5 star Freebird on Guitar Hero II? You're shootin' the moon!
by dougwastaken September 17, 2007
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- To take a risk and cheat in a school exam which may result

in gaining high grades.
- to pass and excel at card games, an exam or other

- to ask for the best or the most you could hope for.
- To take a risk which may result in great rewards; to

succeed after taking such a risk.
- To attain great heights, a high value, or a numerically high

- Reham used to be a smart ass, but never gained high marks at school, but once she { shot the moon} in all her final exams, she became one of the first top ten students in the country.
- What? You'll flunk the test? Are you mad? Don't you have eyes to see? Are you driving me nuts? Don't you know that our classmate, Reham, {shot the moon} a week ago and passed with an honor? Go and {shoot the moon} or you will fail.
by Iyad Mahdood January 05, 2013
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A phrase referring to a roller skating trick popular at roller discos, especially with teenagers. Shooting the moon involves squatting down on one's knees, leaning forward and speeding up to give the appearance of flying forward. This phrase was also repeatedly used in the season 6 episode of Cold Case titled "Roller Girl" as the main character of the episode was at a 1970's roller rink learning disco skating moves.
"Far out, man! You can totally shoot the moon now!"

"Karl was upset because his best friend Samantha could shoot the moon better than him at the disco rink."
by ChickenHappy322 December 04, 2018
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To drink a very large amount of alcohol, and yet somehow escape a hangover the next day.

Origin: To play a game with seemingly suicidal tactics that pay off through sheer luck.
"Jesus, I drank 14 beers, five cocktails and three tequila's last night but today I feel great!"
"Way to shoot the moon, dude!"
by Daozmiester May 01, 2008
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To masturbate outside, at night, and aim towards the moon when you blow your load.
It's such a nice night, I think I'll go out back and shoot the moon.
by Okie Won Kenobi September 03, 2010
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to launch your car into the air by using some form of a ramp
"Bo, looks like we're gonna have to shoot the moon" Cooter - Dukes of Hazzard
by Stuntman Eric October 06, 2007
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