Phrase invented by east coast rappers Mobb Deep to signify someone who acts hardcore until they actually have to deal with the reality of "the life of diamonds and guns". A coward who is shaken up by the harshness of innner city life.
"He ain't a crook, son. He just a shook one." - Mobb Deep
by Wooten July 11, 2004
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Individual who acts like he is tough, but when things get hectic or tense, he gets scared and acts like the punk he really is. They have been shook up by the reality and are labeled shook ones
"Shook ones" -- Mobb Deep (Shook ones pt. II 1995).
by ac January 31, 2004
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THE MOST GANGSTA SONG EVA CREATED! This song was crafted by none other than mobb deep. Listen to it and you will be sucked into the hip hop lifestyle. Consider yourselves warned.
Shook Ones was used in Tanner Hall's masterful segment in the Oakley Team Video Session 1242. (1242 is a newschool ski video if you did not already know)
by Jarrod March 29, 2005
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