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A Paladin build in WoW (World of Warcraft). It is a variant of the healadin with 21 points in the Retribution tree to obtain both Holy Shock and Sanctity Aura, in order to be both a successful healer and a decent DPS'er, mostly for PvP.
Shockadins give up a little in survivability but make up for it in DPS.
by squarecircle May 18, 2008
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A talent spec for paladins in World of Warcraft that tries to innovate a new DPS spec. However this spec has much controversy in the Paladin forums due to the fact of its high emphasis on +DMG gear rather than +Healing gear. It is rejected in top arena teams and is disdained among many of the more veteran paladins. It has yet to be a justifiable spec.
Why are shockadins called shockadins? Because They only judge and use holyshock.
by Γ†sthetic May 20, 2008
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