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More popular spelling leaves out the letters 'obh'.
Man i took a huge shobhit last night - shouldn't have had mexican for dinner.
by GUESS WHO June 18, 2006
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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A really athletic person. He's good at every single sport and you could even refer him to greats such as Lebron James and Justin Jefferson. Also, if he was in madden, his rating would be 99 any day.
God that catch was amazing. You might even compete with Shobhit in your next life.
by Shobhit999 January 07, 2021
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A person who works his ass off to please his ex-bosses even after giving resignation letter.
He's a Shobhit , dude! Can't believe he's working during his notice period..
by njay69 September 05, 2019
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Shobhit is an organized man. Perfectionist. He likes to finish his tasks in order and on time. He is often viewed as shy and good boy, but he is crazy when you get to know him. He prefers to be alone in his room, just with his coffee and bed. A Shobhit will love you in any ways he know. He is hardbto read sometimes, but he surely loves and care for you.

If you find a Shobhit, don't let go of him. He may just be having a bad day, but he will bounce back after some time.
Have you heard from Shobhit?

He's prolly in his room watching netflix.
by Softcinnamonrolls June 07, 2021
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