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a kind of cuddling that can often be found in the summertime between co-counselors at a summer camp when they have had a long day with their campers and simply wish to cozy up in their cabin.

it's like snuggling, but better.
1) usually sent in a text message yo, shnugs tonight?

2) i miss our shnugs.

3) SHNUGS!!!!
by strokenbamen May 07, 2009
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the rug that looks disgusting and resembles a shnet. Bugs and other small animals can often be seen crawling out of the shambles.
Elena's shnug is filthy
by lkjlkj September 01, 2008
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A word created by a high school-aged girl in the year 2008, which is a comical replacement of any word in the whole entire English dictionary. You make up your own meaning. Typically used to replace words like shit or fuck or darn it, and also to refer to a person. (hey katie!=hey shnug!) this word is especially funny when used around people who are not in on this joke.
ex 1) Hey Shnug! Come over here
ex 2) Mind passing me the shnug?
ex 3) SHNUG YOU!
ex 4) I have so much shnug to do.
ex 5) Damn that outfit is so shnug.
ex 6) Oh shnug.
ex 7) You comin to the party? eh shnug.
by **Brigitte** March 02, 2008
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Shnug(Short-Nug)A company made by two college students to re-vist the design of old symbols and turn them into a new style of clothing. The word first originated as a Short Nug(dime bag, dub...etc) but became so much more..
Original meaning
Damn homie thats a weak bag of shnug
HELL na i aint buyin that shung
Evolved meaning
Yo where u get that fresh shnug
That shung is hot
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