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The youtuber, shmomo
he does reaction videos on youtube...
YOOOOOO, did you see shmomo's new video?????
Yeah man, the one on (insert music video), It was mad cool!!!!
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by brokenlightbulb March 07, 2017
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when a nose is stuck into someones butthole. In other terms, just plain wrong and fucked up... don't try this at home kids...
Bro this is one of the best porn films I've ever seen

Holy shit thats nasty!! That guy just gave that other guy a shmomo!! why the fuck would you watch this!?!


...My dick feels like corn!!


Dammit, thats the third hit marker ive gotten with this fucking sniper!! Im'a make infinity ward give me some shmomo action by their communist jewgernaut president who made this shitty ass game!!
by clifford111 July 07, 2010
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