Bank: Hello This is The Bank You Are 50000$ dollers in debt
You: Shmee Shmee!

Shmees plural
Shmee'd When A Shmee Is preformed on you
Shmmmmeee to drag shmee on
shmo gay way of spelling shmee
schee just a gay thing in general
by SlamminWhity January 11, 2006
shmee shmee: to poo on somone's forhead, wipe it off with a paper towel. take the paper towl roll it up and put in your mouth. chew it up, spit it out and shove it up ur sexaul partners ass.
sally and i shmee shmee'd (( past tense )) last night. but she did all the work.
by curtis ducken September 24, 2007
In Saddleworth, up in the northwest of England, Shmee is used as a greeting between friends. I also say it to my mates when they look glum, it makes them smile.
Also when im fuelled with rowdy energy, i shout Shmee- helps me to exit the rowdyness from my system :)
by loudav87 April 17, 2006
A Unicorn of a woman; only one exists in this world. If you find one, marry her and treat her like the goddess she is. As She radiates love and affection beyond the combination of every woman in the world combined.
Wow, that girl is such a shmee shmee, I have to ask her for her number otherwise I will regret it forever!
by Hmmmmmmmmmmm;) January 15, 2021