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A word that can mean literally anything. If someone needs anymore context, it’s probably Jewish.
John: Wow, that’s a pretty cool shlamozzle ya got there.
Fred: Yeah, I got this shlamozzle from the shlamozzle shoppe.
John: No, I mean the other shlamozzle you have there. I hate that first shlamozzle you said.
by Your local synagogue May 15, 2018
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1. A Jewish horn similar to the shofar blown in times of war.
2. Another name for a mans sexual organs.
1. Today at the synagogue we practiced our ancient tradition of blowing shlamozzle.
2. Dyslexic: I just failed that Advanced Algebra test.
Cam: You really took the shlamozzle on that one bud. Blew that shlamozzle like pro.
by Mr. Masons small weeny June 06, 2018
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