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Poor ghetto people usually found in the southern states. Concentrated amounts of Shizzle pops can be found in Memphis, TN. Shizzle pops will often stab each other, shoot each other, and steal other peoples property. Sometimes they smoke crack. When you encounter a shizzle pop, they often speak in their own language that only they and their shizzle pop friends can understand. They usually live in government housing and off welfare checks and make money selling stolen jewelry and mpc 1000's to pawn shops. You can easily spot a Shizzle pop driving a caprice or other shitty 80's car with 22 inch rims or bigger. (these rims are usually stolen)
shizzle pop 1: Yo dawg, i just stole some foos mpc so i can make some sick beatz yoooo!
shizzle pop 2: awwwww dammmmn dawg im so fucking hiiiiigh lets go shoot innocent people!!
shizzle pop 1: yeeeah dawwg that would be da shiznit!! (Insert sound of someone hitting a crack pipe)
by TEB August 15, 2006
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Another word for doing a blow off that smells like poo
"I'm sorry guys but that shizzlepop was me"
" Who did that stinking shizzlepop"
by CarKayla December 14, 2007
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