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1.) Reference to excrementation / defecation in the form of a mushy mess; the result of a high banana diet.

2.) Euphemism for diarrhea OR constipation. Generally, bowel irregularity.

3.) Literally, shitting out a single banana repeatedly (or multiple bananas) from one's ass following insertion for amusement.

4.) A miserable condition resulting from a witch's curse.

5.) Slang term for the consequence of drinking too much chlorine bleach; causing one's turds to appear yellow like stinky bananas from the bleaching action.
<In attempts to defeat urine analysis>WARNING<Please, kids, never ever try this at home>
--------------------- - -------------------

1.) "Little Johnny (the adopted Mormon Circus Chimp) is SHITTIN' BANANAS all over the couch and the carpet. Get rid of him, Joe -- sell him! But try to get your monquisworth."

2.) CUSTOMER: "Excuse me, but I'm SHITTIN BANANAS. Can you help me?"
DRUGGIST: "Yes sir, what you need is blah blah. It'll fix you right up."

3.) "George, I really wish you had NOT shown me your little trick about you
SHITTIN' BANANAS. I'll never be able to think of you in the same way now.

4.) "Ever since Luke kicked over old Lady Johnson's flower's he's been SHITTIN' BANANAS. I think she sicked the demons on him.

5.) "Man, I really needed that job so I drank Clorox to help me pass the piss test and, dude! I'm SHITTIN' BANANAS now! And it ain't f*ckin' funny, dammit!
by Bongo Cholomongo September 19, 2006
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