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A moron who is full of shit. Usually someone who professes to be an expert at everything, but in reality 1) knows very little, 2) has completely incorrect information, or 3) knows of nothing of interest to others (drivel). However, regardless of their lack of knowledge or of pertinent information, they feel compelled to talk ad nauseam about their selected topics. They usually find themselves to be an expert at just about everything.
"You are totally full of crap, you shitron." "Don't listen to Bob, he's a shitron, everything he'll tell you is wrong."
by Amy Gish May 26, 2006
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Derogatory moniker for the Veyron, Bugatti (i.e. VW's) 1,000hp monstrosity. As ugly as it is loud, this clunky, unparkable mess is the most expensive dump money can buy. There is no beauty in this obese mess, only shit. Hence, the shitron.
The last car I would ever buy, is a shitron.

Did you see that chrome-plated, giant-sized piece of glorified plastic go past? Only a shitron could look that bad.
by Esq.imo September 08, 2010
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