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Socrates didnt die from hemlock, he died from shitricide.
shitricide is the act of crocheting your ass check forcing bowels to be witheld inside the anal cavity. It was forggotton about until one day in london, man would actually pass out on the golf course, and becuase they wore kilts, the shit would tinkle down their knees, causing skin decay. So golfers would hold in their shits by crocheting their cheeks. THe first man to die was Wiston churchill. in his will he order the act of holding in your shits till death is called shitricide.
oh man, your putt like your shitricidal

haha, if you would have missed that putt, you might as well commit shitricide

=hey where tommy
=oh juan, dont you know he committed shitricide last week
=oh yea mother teresah was watching him play golf and he didnt want to take the chance....
=well thats what we call rolling the brown dice
-poor tommy, in his will he will rememeber shitricide
by john really brown April 17, 2006
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