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A word expression used to define a bad situation in order reverse the negative effect. It is variation of the original expression of "shithellmen." It is a form variation of the expressive word "Shit," but with the opposite connotation of the eventual outcome. "Shit" goes downhill and only leads to negativity. But "shithellman" has a magical way of making situation lighter, even to the point of laughter. Generally, the worse the situation, the better the effectiveness of the word. It is used to remind us that any situation isn't the end of the world.
(The origin of the word came from a fishing trip involving a Vietnamese guy that didn't know how to speak english and knew mostly cuss words. As he cussed, another boater (american) calmly asked that he toned down his language, on account of his kids being on board his boat. The Vietnamese boater was angrily cussing stating he wasn't talking or cursing anything towards him. Shithellmen or shithellman was concocted during this arguement. It is commonly believed that shithellmen was the vietnamese accent of shithellman In our boat, we laughed at this form of cussing. Also, my cousin was trying to remember the cuss pattern, one night, and couldn't sleep until he could remember. When he finally did, he laughted, and was able to go to finally go to sleep. From there we applied that word to times of disgust, and then things had a way of becoming funny. The expression "shithellman" must be tried in order to be fully understood, otherwise it just sounds stupid).
I just crashed my car, shithellman.
by Valiant July 19, 2006
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