A word used to describe a good load of most hip-hop music nowdays. Or as Nas so elegantly sums it ''everybody sounds the same, commercialise the game & reminiscing of when it wasn't all business''-from the song Hip Hop Is Dead.

basically shit-hop refers to 99% of the popular chart rap music, its to a hip-hop fan what Jonas Brothers are to a rock fan
Shit-hop would be the likes of Chamillionaire & Lil Wayne who give hip-hop the bad image of ''drugs, guns, hos & money'' instead of its cultural roots of the everyday man & his fight against oppression through the genuine art of Emceeing, DJing, dancing & graffitti.
by Dumguy1&Dumguy2 June 16, 2011
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Another name for (c)rap - loud noise that fidiots think is music.
Geez, you hear that shithop.

Yeah, what a fugly fidiot.
by CharlieBe April 30, 2009
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