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Perhaps the most entertaining word in the universe. Used in David Firth's short animation "The Child That Smelt Funny".




-As taken from David Firth's vastly amusing "The Child That Smelt Funny"
by DJ Silly Hat March 04, 2008
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a pretty self explanitary and bizarre word i heard on david firth's this guy is a genius
by rob April 26, 2005
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A metal flap installed at the bottom of the bowl of a chemical or pit toilet, which blocks out unwanted odors. The flap is hinged and sprung in such a way as to only open when a certain amount of weight is applied to it.

A common accessory for this device is the stoker - a small stick which is used to manually operate the flap, should it for some reason fail to open.
"I say, Thomas, would you be so kind as to pass over a stoker, I have produced a rather large stool which has become lodged in the shit flap".
by Eliott Remington IV March 02, 2006
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The matting of poo and hair around the anus due to lack of proper wiping after a bowel movement.
Man drank so much beer last night that I woke up this morning and took a shit that gave me a huge shitflap!
by Hangus77 May 24, 2005
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A derogatory term used when someone finds themselves in an unfortunate situation. Often paired with the words Holy and Fucking.
Dave: look what happened when i dipped my cock in sulphuric acid.

by Gerbert_Miller January 12, 2009
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