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Someone who enjoys administering his cock to other people via the anal cavity.
Poor homeboy got his shit pushed iiiiinnnnnnnn by that shit pusher, yo!
by TAU-rico May 08, 2003
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A shit pusher mainly used in prison
it means someone that has sexual intercourse via the anus should be used only to the gay population or someone you suspect in being gay

(no offence to the gay communty I did not make the word up fucking shitpushers)
1,look at that shitpusher damn he wears tight t-shirts

2,hey shitpusher you need to stop wearing makeup dude and wash the shit off your cock
by The Dual May 08, 2006
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sum1 usually a faggit who rappes someone via pie hole.
jeff da maori is a shit pusher
by jeff December 09, 2004
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